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Ok so I was always told (not only by just people, but health teachers and such) that when you shave, the hair will always grow back thicker and faster..And Akune, you said when waxing that it grown SOFTER. but not really at what thickness or speed rate..Does it still come in thicker and faster like shaving? or does it come in thinner and slower that way?
In grows back thinner and slower, sorry about that!
Also, the texture of your hair changes.

When I was younger, I had what people called "werewolf arms and legs" meaning, my arms and legs were covered in thick black hair. It was coarse and thick. If I had shaved it, I would of probably gotten twice as much hair as before.
Now, my hair is finer, thinner and softer to the touch. I even have some bald patches where hair used to grow because when you wax, you aren't getting rid of the hair. You are getting rid of the hair and its follicle.
Thats why waxing produces such long lasting results.

I even did a test once.

One time, I waxed one leg and shaved the other. Lets just say the leg I shaved had more hair, it grew back extremely quickly and (idk if this makes sense) the hairs started to grow in different directions. While the waxed side, the hair was finer, softer to the touch and thinner and it took twice if not longer go grow back. t easier to wax hair when its all growing in one direction so one of my legs now takes longer to wax than the other but now its getting easier and that leg has finer hair as well.

Edit: btw, I home wax and have used the products on my face. You only yell the first few times. If you continuously yell even after doing it a few times, you are pulling the strip of cloth too slowly or you are keeping the wax too long on your face causing it to harden. Its supposed to be a quick three step process. Melt, spread, pull. Once you put the wax on, (lets just say) your eyebrow, you smooth the cloth onto the wax, press while you do this then you pull in the opposite direction that the hair is growing. It should work.

Also, don't wax huge part of your body at once if its your first time. Brace yourself, clench your jaw and wax small parts at a time. Once you get used to it, then move to waxing larger areas.

Hopefully, this helped!

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