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Originally Posted by Roxxors View Post
I believe there is a draw party in the works! Otakon was fine with it last year, though I'm certainly not in charge of that, haha.

I am attempting to get in contact with Otakon in the hopes we can get a bigger location though. I really hate using the 4th floor locale, but it's the only place where we're not disturbing others :T I'm hoping Otakon might give us a space.
Good luck I have been for the past 10 years been asking Otakorp to help set up a place for larger Cosplay Groups to do photoshoots/Events and there official word is no because has they stated "The don't Officially Sponer Fan Photo Shoots) The other reason is that in this day and age that their insurance doesn't cover stuff like this.

As for using the 4th Floor my I suggest that all the larger groups that use it talk to each other so some of the problems that happen last year don't happen.
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