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Looking to Add Lights to a Costume


I'm looking to add some lighting to a costume I'm working on, though I'm not entirely sure what to use. I'll need some pieces of light that are fairly wide, so more than just some small LEDs. I've seen EL tape, which looks like it might work, but I've heard that when in someone that's lit (as in anywhere that has lights on) the EL tape becomes relatively invisible and you can't see the light coming from it. It works well in dark places but not so much in areas that have lights on, or at least from what I've hear. I haven't had any experience with them so I can't confirm or deny that.
Not to mention that the EL tape I've seen looks like it runs off of a computer power source, while for a costume it would need to run off a battery and have a switch so I could turn it on and off.

So, assuming that is the case and EL tape doesn't work well in places with lighting (such as conventions), does anyone know of something else I could use? I'd like to find some lights similar to that... I'm not very good at wiring things so it would be great if these lights only needed to be connected with some sort of wire (or something similar) that plugs in to each strip and doesn't have to be soldered, if such a thing exists. If worse comes to worse I could solder the thing together, I've done it before, it's just not my forte.

The lights will probably be attached between layers of material. I figured that I could probably wrap duct tape around the sections where I didn't want the light visible.

Here is a crude example (below) of what I'm working on. The green squares, which are on the bottom and middle of the tabards (these will be on the back out of outfit as well) and on the tips of the shoulder armor, are where I plan to put the lights. Does anyone know what I might be able to use?

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