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Originally Posted by Celine View Post
Zaiten, you should make Celes for Anime Matsuri. Just sayin'. Either that or if you're about the same size as my old Celes costume I could just bring it for you to wear. I'd really love to have a Celes to wear my Locke costume with!

I'm only doing one costume I haven't started on for Matsuri which is Farah from Tales of Eternia. Everything else is done or damn close. Unless I decide I have time for something else after Aselia con, which seems really unlikely at this point.
Oh man. We got to see each other I love Farah, she's like the female version of Regal Bryant lol. Im working on Harold from Destiny 2 and I know a few are going as Tales characters for AM.

Originally Posted by Sailor Moon View Post
Yeah I've been having the same problem, I'm currently wearing 2 layers of everything, and have a robe on, and while I'm not cold anymore, my feet are like icicles DX Very unmotivating, cuz I just wanna curl up in bed XD
Same here. I just want to stay in my bed while my heater warming the room.
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