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Originally Posted by StarsCASSiOPEiA View Post
That's a really smart idea, yeah-- I've heard suggestions from people that it might be smart for whoever's running that to apply for official panel status, then we might be able to get one of the larger panel rooms as a venue.
Unfortunately, Otakon won't take non-Asian panels, and even if they did we wouldn't be able to control the time (could be early morning or very late), the length (whatever time they would give us) and it would only cover us for one day of the convention. It's just... largely impractical, and Otakon's already told me such.

Originally Posted by Scorpion89 View Post
Good luck I have been for the past 10 years been asking Otakorp to help set up a place for larger Cosplay Groups to do photoshoots/Events and there official word is no because has they stated "The don't Officially Sponer Fan Photo Shoots) The other reason is that in this day and age that their insurance doesn't cover stuff like this.

As for using the 4th Floor my I suggest that all the larger groups that use it talk to each other so some of the problems that happen last year don't happen.
I sent them an email asking if there was a better place in the convention center, under the guise that they would know it better than I would, so I'm hoping they offer some sort of solution.

As far as the 4th floor issue went, when I got to the convention I was under the assumption that we had already spoken about having that space, so... yeah, not sure what was up there. I'm blocking 2 hours for each shoot though (last year's Saturday almost got to 3) so once we hit two hours we're stopping no matter what we get to, so we can be good to others in those spaces.

Speaking of that, I think there's a photoshoot thread going- I'm putting HS down for 4:13 on Friday and Saturday times, plus a noon Sunday slot, so we can make sure we have the space way in advance.
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