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Originally Posted by Celine View Post
Zaiten, you should make Celes for Anime Matsuri. Just sayin'. Either that or if you're about the same size as my old Celes costume I could just bring it for you to wear. I'd really love to have a Celes to wear my Locke costume with!

I'm only doing one costume I haven't started on for Matsuri which is Farah from Tales of Eternia. Everything else is done or damn close. Unless I decide I have time for something else after Aselia con, which seems really unlikely at this point.
And that ladies and gentlemen is how I pick cosplays!

Let's see, I'm about 5' 10" and a size large shirt or a 14 women's or men's 34-36 pants give or take. So I dunno' how that works out. All in all I think I come out about a 36 or 38, 34 - 36, and 42ish?

But if need be, I would love to make one. <3 I actually saw so many pretty greens at Hancock's today and I kept going back to them but didn't buy any because I could decide on a darker emerald green or a lighter spring green.

I went sale shopping earlier today, spending only about $50 and got so much for it. I have fabric for Zidane's pants and vest.. Serge's shorts.. plus I got stuff for a Summoner Yuna cosplay, sans yellow satin. Didn't even think about her for right now but the bargain hit me as usual. Add in half price notions and I was set. Only Serge might be done for Matsuri, though. Still missing a lot for Zidane and too much painting for Yuna.

@Sailor Moon: I don't work on it all at once, for the most part. I have parts of things, when a sale hits usually, and hold on to it for when I'm ready. Except for right now. I have so much free time right now that I can really get stuff done. The sewing bug bit me so I'm running with it. :3 Tomorrow is prop day thanks to the nice weather forecasted.

Also, everyone's cold? I'm actually warm for once, which is weird for me.. I'm always cold, normally.
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