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I get this all the time..... Actually, I used to have very long hair (for a guy) and was mistaken for a women quite often. Mostly at a distance. I don't mind that, but..... When I was working in a store, some idiots would come up to me and say "Oh! I thought you were a woman!" ........ WHO SAYS THAT? Keep it to yourself! That just makes people sound like an asshole.

Anyway, I've been mistaken as a girl cosplaying as pretty much all of my characters (except Flynn Rider). They are also all male characters...

I am planning my first crossplay though! (Well, besides when I did Birdo) But it's going to be Lady Oscar. So I'll be a guy dressed as a woman who dresses like a guy.... Oh man, that's confusing! It'll be interesting to see people's reactions.

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