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Awesome. :3
I'm still working on my cosplay...had no idea that the cosplay was going to be a bitch though XD. I've been working on it for 3 months...and only have little over half of it completed right now.
-luckily they are wearable. I just need to do the finest small detailed parts and will have it ready-.
So we're all going to meet at the main lobby on that Saturday correct?
And around 11:30/noon. Got it.
I'm hoping more people will show up.
Sounds awesome you've found out that there maybe a Tiny Tina. :3
Hope to see everyone there!
I'll be there Friday-Sunday. The whole weekend. But might just do Borderlands cosplay on Saturday. Depends really...may do it again on Sunday.
I just don't know how many are showing up as Borderlands characters just yet. XD I've kinda lost count after seeing another update here on
I should have a photographer buddy showing up to take photos! I haven't concluded the deal just yet...because he's going to be in a different cosplay and need to know finer details...XD
So...I'll keep checking up here throughout the next few weeks to check and make sure who is coming.
But who knows...there might be other people there that may not have a account that will show up for the cosplay group. :3
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