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Hello Fellow A-Kon Attendees! This will be my second year going to A-Kon! I'm hoping I can make some friends this year, since I'm the only one in my group who still loves Hetalia. XD
And I'm hoping that I can actually attend several Photoshoots this time.

I'm planning on going as Gakuen Russia and Gakuen Finland for A-Kon 24! I'm making the costumes this year also. A-Kon is about 2 1/2 months away and I haven't even started on the costumes yet... (^_^

Anywayz, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's costumes! Good luck sewing and making thme. Let's all make this year the best A-Kon experiecne for us all!
A-Kon 25/San Japan 7:
Fem!Spain - (Nyotalia/Hetalia) For the Masquerade Ball
Fox!Norway - (Hetalia)
Mikasa - (Attack on Titan)
Sweden - (Hetalia)
Finland - (Hetalia) Possibly

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