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Originally Posted by Geisha View Post
Question! How do I find photographers in my area?

I live in NY, and the only time photographers post their info here [fees, portfolio, availability etc..] is when NYCC is going on, and even then, it's only a few that post.

So... how do I get into contact, or get to pick and choose who I'd like to work with? Is there a DA group, or a "database" with photogs info and links?

A couple of suggestions:

Post a "looking for photographer" thread in the Photoshoot Scheduling forum here on coscom.

Look for photos taken at local conventions, on Facebook, Flickr, DA, or here on coscom. Find photographs that you like, and get in touch with the photographer to see if they will do a private shoot. You might even look for photos from local cons that are smaller than NYCC, so you'll be more likely to find local photographers instead of those who traveled from far away to the big con.

Search your area for photography clubs, and volunteer to model. is a great way to find photography clubs; from personal experience, the clubs will always be looking for models for their meet days. There are always plenty of photographers and not enough models. Go to a meetup or two, and if you find a photographer that you like, see if they'll do a session with your cosplay(s).

I've had a lot of luck with My usual photography group is always needing models, so at the past few shoots I've been modeling in my costumes or cosplays, instead of taking photographs.
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