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Originally Posted by verdatum View Post
Some colors can be made brighter than others, but for the most part, yeah, EL Wire looks rather unimpressive in brightly lit environments.
You have some interesting ideas, I may have to give the diffusion film a shot... I'll just have to find a place that sells it. Heh.

I have seen LED strips online, which might work... They seem to simply be LED lights attached to a strip of thin plastic, or something like that. I'm not sure how they wire up, I'd need to read more about them, but that sounds like it could work, in theory, in combination with the film. I could just get green LEDs (as I want it to light up green). I could just have the strips running down the length of the tabards and just have the light exposed in the spots where I want it. I'm sure I could figure out some way to hide the light in the other areas where I didn't want it to appear.

If worse comes to worse and I need to add some sort of color over/under the film, I know that I've seen transparent green vinyl at a local fabric store, which may do the trick...

Are you talking about something like this and this for the film? Is there any thickness/transparency/whatever that you recommend?

Oh, and do you happen to know what the film is made out of? Is it usually a plastic material or paper?

Originally Posted by nathancarter View Post
We bought a bunch of these small LED finger lights, and have had pretty good luck with them. Don't hot-glue them permanently in place, as the batteries aren't readily replaceable.

Each pack comes with one red, green, blue, and white light, and for seven bucks you get ten packs of four. Use the green ones and you don't have to worry about coloring your plexi.
Unfortunately, I'll need something a little tougher than those. Something that lasts longer and something, probably, a little larger. Not to mention that because I have about ten areas, roughly, that I want to light up it would be a real pain to go around switching off all six lights individually. And because they'd be placed between layers of material... well, they'd need a longer lifespan. Heh heh.

Though I have been trying to think of something I could do with those finger lights. They seem like something I should be able to use for... something. :P

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