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Originally Posted by Finalformsora02 View Post
I don't know if anyone has already asked about fabric for a mystogan (fairy tail) costume, it's a lot of pages to read.

I was thinking a long white cloth wrapped for the arms and legs. Slver vinyl for the gray upper body and pants parts. I'm not sure what i should use for the darker materials though.
So what should i use for the cape/cloak and the darker material on the pants and upperbody?
I made my boyfriend into Mystogan last year (listed in my cosplays if you're interested in seeing how it turned out). I used gauze for his leg and arm wrappings (can be bought in first aid section of pretty much any store) and I used a silver and navy blue color of I believe a bottomweight. Quite frankly, I just meandered the fabric store and felt the fabrics, looking for one that was a little heavier but still laid nicely. I used the same navy blue fabric for his hat, cape/cloak, shirt and pantaloon looking things (i.e. a LOT of it). The silver was just for the stripes on the pants. I also bought some really heavy interfacing for the collar, so it stood up on its own. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!
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