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Originally Posted by CD3Heart View Post
If anyone wants to lose weight one of the best techniques is to put a picture up of a model somewhere in ur room. Every morning u will wake up and do ur exercises because u r motivated to lose weight. That picture will remind u that u need to lose weight to be healthy and fit. It worked for me x), I workout every morning for at least 15 mins to give my metabolism a boost. It sounds silly but it works.
I have done that for my laptop and phone wallpaper since I am on both a lot.

Actually seeing progress in myself is motivation enough. After my workout last week I was feeling great and I went to my mirror and did some stupid flexing poses and I noticed that I have definition on the outside of my arms. I have always had a little on the inside but never the outside.

But I must say, I LOVE lifting weights. Its a great way to stay motivated. Each time I want to lift more than the last time and I am able to set little goals that are easy to achieve and don't take long. Like one of them was to run a mile in 8 minutes. DONE! I wanted to squat 260 lbs. DONE! Next I want to be able to do pull ups without weight assistance, and bench my body weight (135 lbs). Right now I can pull up with weight assistance about 125 lbs so I am close, and my bench is 85, also getting close. My new running goal is 7:30 minute mile. I think I can do it but I haven't tried yet. Since lifting I have moved from girly push ups to regular ones and I can bust out 30 no problem (3 sets of 10 normally)

Here is the definition in my arms that I am so proud of
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