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Lastest update of photoshoots and lounge areas:

Official Photoshoots
League of Legends, Saturday 4pm, Crystal Ballroom (1st FL)

Lounge Areas in the Hilton
5th Floor (lots of scheduled shoots here)
12th Floor
19th Floor
Pictures of the areas:

Fan Organized Photoshoots
*Ball Jointed Doll meetup, 12pm, 5th floor
*Sailormoon, 2pm, Hilton lobby
*Disney, 2:30pm, Hilton lobby
*Adventure Time, 4pm, Hilton back porch (outdoors)
*Square Enix, 4pm, Hilton lobby;
*Black Butler, 2pm, Hilton lobby
*Rise of the Guardians meetup, 5pm, Hilton Lobby
*Lorax/Once-ler fandom meet up, Friday at 5, first floor Hilton. Heading over to Peachtree Center's food court by about 5:15 for dinner.

*Touhou meetup, 12pm, Hilton Lobby
*Ball Jointed Doll meetup, 12pm, 5th floor
*Rise of the Guardians meetup, 1pm, Hilton Lobby
*Avatar/Korra, 1pm, Hilton lobby
*My Little Pony, 1.15pm, Hilton Lobby near Dealers Room entrance;
*Team Fortress, 1.30pm, Hilton 5th floor
*Marvel, 2pm, Hilton Lobby
*Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic - 2pm, Hilton lobby
*Hetastuck, 2.30pm, Hilton 5th floor
*Rurouni Kenshin, 3pm, Hilton lobby;
*Hetalia, 3pm, Hilton lobby;
*The Legend of Zelda, 3pm, 5th floor
*Kuroko no Basuke - 4pm, Hilton Lobby
*Homestuck, 4:13pm, Hilton back porch (outdoors). Alternate location Hilton 5th floor;
*Ball Jointed Doll meetup, 5pm, 5th floor
*Transformers, 5.30pm, Hilton parking deck
*Vocaloid, 5.30pm, 5th floor Hilton

Kigurumis, 11am, Hilton lobby
Ball Jointed Doll meetup, 12pm, 5th floor
Black Butler, 1:30pm, Hilton lobby; Hetalia, 3pm, Hilton lobby
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