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Lady Rainicorn

Hiya everyoneee.

So, I pulled together a last minute cosplay to join a friend in a little Adventure Time cosplay group. She's being Princess Bubblegum, and since we're best friends, I thought I would go as Lady Rainicorn!

Here is what I have right now:

(My shoes are also green with rainbow laces, hehe.)

Here's a reference picture of Miss Lady:

I would like to know, really, what I could do with the top? I love the tutu, my pants, and my shoes, but the top just looks so.. blah.. I was thinking about dip-dying the top to sorta match the pants, or maybe doing her stomach? Or I might like, guy a white shirt and draw something on it.. Or write something in Korean on it, as she speaks Korean..

I have about a week until the con, so if anyone has any ideas on what I could do in that amount of time, I would love it! Thank you. <3
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