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Originally Posted by verdatum View Post
I don't see any places on the drawing where you need a stripe of light; only patches. Therefore, LED strips are a bit silly. Just wire up some banks of LEDs. It really isn't difficult.
I suppose it is, I just didn't want to have to do a lot of soldering, I'm just not confident in my wiring abilities. I have done it but it was a fairly simple job (in fact, I only had one LED on it). And I'm not really sure how to figure out what kind of battery I would need for how many LED lights, what resistors I would need or how many, and what else I'd need. (Obviously, I'd need a switch, too.) I'm not really sure how to figure everything out, and I'd rather not screw it up and burn out the lights or something after putting all the work into it.

Not to mention you'd be surprised how hard it was to find wires the last time I did some LED wiring. I couldn't find any local store that actually sold wires, not even Radio Shack. I ended up having to buy two battery boxes and cutting the wires off of them to use.
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