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Offering: Ride from Long Island to Boston (possible Sheraton room)

The room has some spots open again! If you're in a huge need of hotel space, just let Courtney know. Details are all the same as the original post.

Original Post
Hey ya'll, we need a couple more roommates for the Sheraton this year, and are trying to get the word out. We know that not everyone has an account on the AB forums so I offered to do a thread here.

We've got a Suite at the Sheraton, which is where Anime Boston puts some of its programming. Check in is on Thursday and check out is on Monday morning, so there's no rush to get all your things on Sunday.

The room needs 2 more people, minimum, and it would probably cost about $250. This essentially provides us with more space, some amenities that aren't in more standard rooms and a much less claustrophobic place to sleep. If there's more people interested, the price could be lowered? I'm not sure how much of the cost the room 'leader' is shouldering for this.

If it helps, she's probably willing to let you pay the amount due in chunks up until AB is really close. That's actually what I'm being allowed to do so I don't get a huge hit at once on my credit card.

Now the basics for everyone is that the room will be co-ed, currently everyone is an adult and there may be alcohol. No smoking, though. I met mostly everyone last year; they're friendly, open and very welcoming.

If anyone's interested, you can contact Courtney Fischer on facebook. If you are on the AB forums, you should see a thread from her coming up once she gets the chance. Though you can also pm her on that forum under the username Critoph.
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