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Tsukiko Kamui
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Water!!! :D

Water is your friend! I used to drink anything but water, it affected my health in many ways. So I decided to drink strictly water with an occational glass of juice or soda when I'm out with my friends. At first it was hard, but I've gone 2 months so far. That could be the first step. Next I suggest cutting down on sugary snacks, and replaced them with a granola bar, yogurt, or something healthy instead. This also goes for eatting healthier meals. If you live near your work/school/other destination, like I do, you could take a city bus on the main streets then walk the rest of the way. I walk 20 blocks daily to get to and from school. And on the weekend I take walks if the weather permits me. lol. Im no pro at this, but it's just small things that can improve my health and controll my weight. I do it all for cosplay, lol. Hope this helps anyone looking for where to start!
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