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Originally Posted by SL3661 View Post
^ Hirragi

I might show up to take pictures and maybe wear like those mask they used in the anime to disguise themselves as a youkai.
Looking forward to your random masked yokai. ...Or is it, human disguised as yokai? ^.^? Feel free to jump into some pictures with your mask.

Thanks for the input! ^_^
It looks like I may have to cut down the cosplay to only 1 afterall. So I'll focus on Hiiragi.

I'm going to try to sign up for artist alley, so I'll probably set the gathering time to work around that. But if that turns out to be absolutely a problem for everyone, I'll see if I can cut out of artist alley early for the gathering.

Originally Posted by pokemongood View Post
A Natsume Yuujinchou gathering sounds like so much fun.This is going to be my first time at AX, so not sure who I'm going to be yet, but I'll definitely try to stop by if it happens. I'm thinking I may either cosplay as Taki in either in her winter uniform or the school festival outfit, or Reiko...
Looking forward to whichever character you chose! We could always use more. But might I suggest avoiding winter clothing versions, if you can. Anime Expo is so frickin' hot and summery. x_x; Wouldn't want anyone to get heat exhaustion. But if you can take it (or if you're going to spend most of the con in the air conditioned rooms), winter uniforms are more than welcome. ^_^
By the way, love that Sensei avatar. ^o^
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