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Originally Posted by Identity-Crisis View Post
I've thought about cosplaying from David Edding's The Belgariad, but I'm torn between wanting to make it and wanting to be recognized.
If you love mother character, or like the idea of what you want the costume to look like - go for it. That is where I am with my Mab costume... She's a major minor character, but not one people are likely to know. But I've fallen in love with my designs for it, and after the most recent book, I really enjoy her as a character with some added depth. So I'm gonna go for it.

<begin Dresden Files chattering and such>
My husband's Dresden costume is almost entirely assembled, since a lot of it was store bought. I'll have to convince him to let me start testing out makeup so I can give him that appropriate level of scruffy, tired, grumpy wizard. I really want to make it look good, even though it is mostly off the shelf - I want to get photos at Dragon*Con at the Aquarium... Since it is sort of fitting.

(Also, I think the previous coat was a duster - probably the same model you see most Dresdens wearing, however, the most recently gifted on is an Inverness coat, different from the previous version. I think it's a costume change, not a clarification, necessarily.)

And I still want to know what the Warden cloaks are in Cannon. Jim Butcher has one made of gray polar fleece... But it is /really/ hard to picture Morgan or any other Warden looking intimidating and powerful in a magic Snuggie...
</end fangirling>
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