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As many will say there is no workout to lose fat in one area (AKA spot reduction) the best thing to do is eat healthy and get a good workout in. To lose fat around your stomach you mainly need to focus on your diet but that doesn't mean its diet alone, exercise is a part of it too.

What I have done and seen result is a combination of lifting and cardio exercise wise. On Sunday, Tuesdays, and Thursdays I lift weights and Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays I do High intensity interval training (HIIT), which is basically jogging for 5 minutes and sprinting for 1.

For my weight lifting I have been basically following Starting Strength which is a lot of compound lifts with some other lifts thrown in.
These are the excercises I typically do:
Bench Press
Pull Ups
Push ups
Leg press
one legged leg press
wall sits
bicep curls
vertical and lateral rises
Various crunches

If you are new to lifting it is alright to workout multiple muscle groups like that. However as you progress you will want to split it up, Chest and back day, legs and back day, arms and chest and so on. Now I really want to stress this AS A WOMAN, YOU WILL NOT GET BIG AND BULKY! YOU DO NOT PRODUCE ENOUGH TESTOSTERONE TO GET THE BODY BUILDER LOOK! But if you want a body like Jesica Nigir's you need to lift heavy weights.

Let me explain how this works. When you lift weights you tear your muscles. You body needs to burn calories just to lift the weights but it also needs to burn calories to repair the torn muscle. It takes about 24 hours to repair the torn muscles so even after you are done lifting you are still burning calories. The heavier weights you lift the more tears you will get (they don't hurt or anything, you shouldn't be in pain after lifting, maybe sore the next day). When you do cardio you are only burning calories while you do the exercise, but cardio is good for you and you should still do it. It is recommended that you do cardio on days you are not lifting in order to get the best results.

TL;DR version?
  • eat healty
  • Lift weights
  • lifting weights will not give you body builders body
  • lifting will give you the toned look you are looking for
  • Don't forget cardio
  • your body will need at least 8 hours of rest each night
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