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Originally Posted by Clockwork_Ducky View Post
If you love mother character, or like the idea of what you want the costume to look like - go for it. That is where I am with my Mab costume... She's a major minor character, but not one people are likely to know. But I've fallen in love with my designs for it, and after the most recent book, I really enjoy her as a character with some added depth. So I'm gonna go for it.

<begin Dresden Files chattering and such>
My husband's Dresden costume is almost entirely assembled, since a lot of it was store bought. I'll have to convince him to let me start testing out makeup so I can give him that appropriate level of scruffy, tired, grumpy wizard. I really want to make it look good, even though it is mostly off the shelf - I want to get photos at Dragon*Con at the Aquarium... Since it is sort of fitting.

(Also, I think the previous coat was a duster - probably the same model you see most Dresdens wearing, however, the most recently gifted on is an Inverness coat, different from the previous version. I think it's a costume change, not a clarification, necessarily.)

And I still want to know what the Warden cloaks are in Cannon. Jim Butcher has one made of gray polar fleece... But it is /really/ hard to picture Morgan or any other Warden looking intimidating and powerful in a magic Snuggie...
</end fangirling>
I am totally with you. I eventually want a leather coat and would love to make a cloak to go with it. I think it's mentioned in one book that it's wool, but that doesn't narrow it down a lot. But it's definitely better than polar fleece. What was Jim thinking?
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