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Originally Posted by Ravenous-Spirit View Post
Zap is only in it's 4th year, so it has room to grow. One day wasn't enough for us so this last time we went all weekend and it was fun (then again we knew people). Just..lots of immaturity, huge age gaps, dealer/artist alleyway was mediocre, and the organization was really off this last time. Since our tickets only cost our group a pretty penny each, we probably shouldn't complain >_>;
It's such a drive, that I may consider getting a hotel for it if I go. Then again, if the con is that small maybe I should save the hotel cost for an out of state con that is closer and also probably bigger and better, lol XD Guest list is somewhat important to me too, and Zap being somewhat small doesn't seem to have anyone I want to meet really I don't know too many people who go to Zap either. I was highly considering going for one day this year, but they didn't sell one day passes

Originally Posted by MattxLover View Post
Libertyville, IL. I've been going to ACEN for 6 years now Nice to see some people who live really close.
I have only been going for 5 years to Acen, and was impressed by it the first time that I have been going every year since. I'm on super con addiction right now though and will go to every somewhat big con within 1 and a half hour from where I live, lol. List just continues to grow.
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