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Originally Posted by Dark1WingAngel View Post
I will be there but in a different variety of Cosplay, i will be bringing my Shinigami Captain/Vizard version of Naruto and my GF TsukixxHime will be bringing her Shinigami Lieutenant Hinata.... I hope this is ok ^-^
A first for me, but of course you're welcome! I'll add you guys into the list XD
(Bleach) Ise Nanao: Done!
(Bleach) Kurotsuchi Nemu: Done!
(Bleach) Hinamori Momo: Done!
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(Death Note) Naomi Misora: Done! (Not exactly hard though)
(Soul Eater) Liz Thompson: 80% done, still need the damn hat.
(MTG) Liliana Vess: Gathering materials and creating a rough draft, wish me luck to get it done by AX13
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