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Originally Posted by nathancarter View Post
Another suggestion. We just got these in for a different project and they are plenty bright, but the LEDs are tiny pinpoints so I don't know how well they'll diffuse into a larger square. Also, I don't know how long the batteries last, but Amazon says 48 hours on one set of three AAs.

You could stick the battery pack in an easily accessible pouch in a sleeve or pocket, and run the wires to the places where you need light.

Look at the customer-submitted images, someone used them for a Mass Effect costume.

[edit] oh, looks like they come in green too:
Hmm, those are an interesting option. Never thought of just rigging a pocket onto the back of the tabards and sticking the battery boxes in there. Might not work well for the lights that go in the bottom or middle of the tabards, but it may work for the shoulder lights, seeing as the shoulder armor are separate pieces...

Though I wonder if they mean that the lights themselves last around 48 hours before burning out, or if the batteries last 48 hours before dying?

Originally Posted by verdatum View Post
The only time I've ever seen a Radio Shack that didn't sell wire was a little crappy one in the mall that mostly just sold cell-phones. Oh Radio used to be so cool...

Anyway, to wire up your own string, you just join them together in series, using bits of printed circuit board and varying lengths of wire as needed. This means that one prong of each LED is joined to the opposite prong of another LED (more on which prong is which below). Then you throw a power supply, a resistor, and a switch into the circuit. It doesn't matter where, so long as they are on one end of your LED string or the other.
The Radio Shacks around here have really gone downhill. They don't have too much of anything anymore... in fact, I can't remember the last time I actually found something useful at one. Heh.

But thanks for the information. I think I'll go back, do some more poking around and some more search, and see if I can't get something figured out. Seeing as I don't need the lights right this moment anyway, I can do some more searching, researching and figuring out how things are going to work and what-not. And then I'll post some more questions if I have them... which I'm sure I will. :P

Thanks again, it's much appreciated!

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