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Originally Posted by Ninja Kitty View Post
The Residence Inn; they're not "super classy" like other hotels, but they are exactly what a cosplaying con-goer needs. The sizes of their rooms are impressive. Their 2-Bedroom suites allow you to properly book 6 people in the room as you get a king, a queen, and a pull-out couch (although the couch is very uncomfortable, so you'll want extra comforters to lay on), with plenty of personal space and 2 bathrooms. Ever since the PC convention duo at the TCC happened and people had to stay there because of all the lack of space in the more popular hotels, the hotel has become extremely popular and gets booked solid. We WERE going to book one of their awesome 2-bedroom rooms again back in October, but to our horror they had all been grabbed! The con rate only applied to the 1-Bedroom suites, too, so go figure, lol! We're going to be booking our next year room right when we're checking out of the hotel. XD I'd personally never want to stay anywhere else for Anime North, and anyone I know who stays there agrees.
maybe i'll consider it in the future... i usually stay at double tree for some reason. i mean i live in toronto, it seems a bit unnecessary.

anyway... yeah. i usually eat random snack foods the other boys pack and wash it down with tequila. we might have dinner out one of the evenings [probably the friday]. and get swiss chalet because it's super cheap...
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