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Since I've never really interacted much with other Homestucks, I'll leave the debate on that alone. I just hope I won't have too much trouble with them at Fanime...Though, I can't imagine a lot of people wanting to mess too much with a Condesce cosplayer? It will be a somewhat delicate cosplay, though, so I hope people don't want to mess to much with it.

Though, the stories about HS cosplayers being unruly at photoshoots makes me not want to go to the Fanime gathering. :< It just sounds too crazy.

My biggest peeve with HS cosplay right now is that I want to cosplay everything. =_______=;; I just added ballgown dreamer Roxy to my list for next SacAnime. It's taken over all my cosplay plans. I have other plans, too, but not as many as I have HS-related plans.

Originally Posted by touchmon View Post
How Joanns seems to not have the smaller pattern sizes. -_-

I went there for the Butternick pattern sale but I had to put a bunch back due to it being the larger size.
I had this same problem when I went in yesterday...there was this corset pattern that I really wanted, but they only had the larger sizes. I'd probably be a size 6 in this pattern, so there's no way I could use the larger pattern (starting at 14) without a lot of scaling...but at that point, I might as well just make my own corset pattern. Oh well. I don't -need- it, so I can always wait for the next Butterick sale.

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On that note..Taobao, do you not realize how much of a godsend it would be to extend your services to the US/Canada? You would do so well ;^; I don't want to order off taobao because I don't like the idea of going through a service, but I might try just that if anyone else has a recommendation for one that's really good and it doesn't end up killing my wallet.
I don't know anything about buying cosplay from Taobao or Ebay, so I won't comment on the first part.
But for this part, some Taobao sellers (as Taobao is a grouping of individual sellers, so each seller would choose their policies on this, not Taobao as a whole) do ship overseas. I don't know if there is a list somewhere of ones that do, but it can't hurt to email the seller and ask.

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Wow. You can really see the passage of time illustrated by what fandoms everyone's complaining about at what time.

Guess it's HS time now?
Haha, yeah, it's kind of interesting to see the progression of super popular (and super hated) fandoms. I try not to let any fandom bother me too much, but this is my first time in a popular fandom, so I have no idea what to expect or how to handle all of the craziness. ;o;
In time, some other fandom will be super popular, attract all the younger fans, etc., and be super hated. maybe I'll go to dying HS gatherings and such then...

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