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Originally Posted by mizuhaki View Post
I do NOT recommend toothpaste. It just dries out your skin, covers your pores with mintyness ( allowing the oils to accumulate), and contains an ingredient that does not allow your skin to tan, so you'll have blotchy spots of color on your face if you go out in the sun and use it often.

I DO recommend drinking lots of water, washing your face three times a day with a noncomedogenic face wash ( I use one called Cetaphil), and moisturizing your face afterward ( Aveeno is a great brand). Avoid touching your face; you'll be surprised how much this helps. ^^

For acne scars, good brands like Biore sell scrubs to remove the dead skin left behind from your scars.

For future cons and clean skin in the near future I suggest visiting your doctor and asking for Differin. They are these awesome pills that keep your face clear, and you take one a day. ^^ The only problem is that you have to take them a whole month before you start seeing a real difference, but it's worth the wait.

If you still have acne a few days before the con, I suggest holding an ice pack to the area instead of popping it; this will lower the redness/ inflammation of the pimple, and shrink it in size.
I agree with all of this, but I actually have a Differin cream that worked wonders on my blackheads and angry white heads, and also Adapalene cream. A dermatologist visit really is worth it because they have a tool that they use to scrape open the black heads (doesn't really hurt that much) and after a few days they are completely clear. It's nice for the ones that you just can't seem to get rid of.

And to reiterate, DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE AT ALL. EVER. Seriously, it was my biggest problem, and once I stopped picking at my skin or absentmindedly touching my face while reading/doing homework, I could really see an improvement.

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