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Originally Posted by mysticdragon3 View Post
Looking forward to whichever character you chose! We could always use more. But might I suggest avoiding winter clothing versions, if you can. Anime Expo is so frickin' hot and summery. x_x; Wouldn't want anyone to get heat exhaustion. But if you can take it (or if you're going to spend most of the con in the air conditioned rooms), winter uniforms are more than welcome. ^_^
By the way, love that Sensei avatar. ^o^
Thanks for the heads up. The material doesn't seem that thick, so I think I'll be okay. Or that's the hope at least. I'm from Arizona so I hope my heat tolerance is greater. I'll definitely be leaving the overcoat at home though.

Thanks! I love Nyanko sensei~ Who I still need to buy...

As for other gatherings, I'm considering going to the SAO gathering too, which I think is the Friday, but I'm not really sure yet either, so I'm pretty open..
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