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I think this is like a small form of acne but on my arms. It's not really noticable, like I can still wear a normal t-shirt during the summer but Id still want to clear it up. My aunt gave me a cream called "Concha Nacar" (in Spanish; oyster shell), which they sell at the Flea Market (not sure if thats the only place they sell it, its just where my mom and I went to buy more). There's 3 of them; a day cream, night cream and a bleach cream. The day cream you can also use as a primer/base for makeup, and the bleach is the one that gets rid of the marks left after picking your skin and spots/blemishes. So if you're thinking of using this one, use all 3 of them. I still kinda have it but it seems to be working. My aunt's sister actually had the same thing I have and it worked for her, and hopefully me and anybody else .
Oh another thing, the package is in both Spanish and English. When you open it, it also comes with a piece of paper that says which cream does what but only in Spanish.
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