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Originally Posted by UNIT0918 View Post

I watched some gameplay clips and I think the evidence just overlaps the character portraits, right above the testimony text.

I think the first game is already out, with the other two games coming one sometime soon. I'm personally not too fond of the HD look for the games though. I guess the GBA/DS version's pixelated sprites just have this charm that the cleaned up artwork just doesn't have.
Yeah, I love the charm of the GBA/DS sprites. It's interesting though, because you can even see the difference in backgrounds and sprites between the first three games (GBA sprites) and Apollo Justice (which was made for the DS) but I liked that the DS-specific games (Apollo Justice, Miles Edgeworth, and case 1-5) still used GBA style sprites. I'm not a fan of the HD look, and I'm still on the fence about the 3D look of the fifth game.

Anyway, I've been alternating between Etrian Odyssey IV and Fire Emblem Awakening, but I got hooked on Fire Emblem so I'm going to finish that before going back to Etrian Odyssey (which is probably a longer game)
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