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Originally Posted by mousegirl View Post
HEY THERE! My name is Elyse (aka Mouse), and I'm actually working for the Anime Expo cosplay department! Part of my job is helping out with the gatherings by doing things like what you just started to make sure all the gatherings get the space and spot they need for the size of the gathering. Also, as a way to make sure everyone know where everything is. We're trying to help out the cosplayers as much as possible with the new things we're inputting for this year <3

So this will be a thing I will actually be doing, but it looks like you got it posted on the forums before I did. AWESOME! I will be happy to help along with this process, as I take the information I find here, and trolling the rest of the forum to find out what's going on with each gathering.

Thanks so much for starting this list! And don't mind me as I sit here and track this thread like it's a pie, cause pie is very, very good.
Awesome! Glad to have your help ^^

I really just need more people to check the other forums, ask them if it would be ok to add them to this forum. Its not an official, but what their best bet would be for their gathering.
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