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[/quote]Oh, and on a less dreary more creeped note, fangirls. I had a girl following me around all day, and she was nice, but she would SNIFF ME, and my rabbit plushie, and hug me, and draw her OC with my version of Ciel.
Apparently she does this to a lot of/every Ciel cosplayers. But...dear god, it's really creepy to think about.[/quote]
O_O I cosplay Vampire Knight but I think this is a good reason to not cosplay characters....I just do OC's so I blend in...I am doing Yuki Cross this year though so i'm nervous....o////o
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Waiting....i'm waiting for my new binder shirt and new vampire knight boots to come in the mail...I wants them now
I'll show you a sweet night
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