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Originally Posted by KJH-Photography View Post
Another question for you all, any photographers selling prints of their cosplay photos, or allowing the cosplayer to sell them? If so, were contracts, or any stipulations made regarding sales?
Great question!

I would definitely refer to a model release in that case and discuss with the cosplayer a possible agreement which may include further usage rights or selling of prints by cosplayer.
Photographers usually retain rights unless otherwise stated as in ugh... Works made for hire.

I don't really see a market for selling prints to anyone other than the player but I would definitely be willing to profit share if there was. I would like to see both parties benefit from beautiful art in the event it goes viral or big money comes sniffing around.

This should be clear to both parties BEFORE anything gets signed. Awesome you should bring that up. The main thing is to agree on it and be honest and fair about it.

In my case, I make my living with photography. I pay taxes from it. It pays my bills and puts food on the table. I have a vested interest in selling prints to cosplayers (or anyone I photograph for that matter). I don't like the idea of charging sitting fees or selling downloads. Worse yet is giving hi res downloads away for free only to sit in a folder on some forgotten hard drive. I really value what I do and would hope someone I work with would feel the same.

Low res shots for facebook are another story. Not a problem. These types of public shots in the middle of a giant conventions with crazy background clutter and photobombs everywhere are not what I would consider sale worthy. Unless you did some crazy photoshop composite stuff and got lucky.

Some cosplayers pour thousands into their craft. Some photographers do too.

Cosplayers really deserve photography that they would want on their wall as a poster or on a nightstand. So I would say yes. Selling prints is good... But they need to be very good...
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