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Originally Posted by FuntomKitten View Post
I don't think you'll have any problems, really. Yuki Cross is a cool character, and as Brina Palencia said in her panel (it was about VAs and how males have more horror stories, but it applies to this too) "If the fanboys did to girls what the fangirls do to guys, they would be arrested, simple as that." You notice that a lot of the crazy, creepy, feely fangirls are for people who crossplay male characters that have a lot of fan following..yeah. There's a reason for that. Don't get me wrong, guys creep on girls just as much, they just know they need to be more subtle about it lest they be charged for sexual assault.

Also...too many wants, too little money and time. One of my friends after reading about my lonely/ununique rant about Ciel has offered to do Lizzie with me for an ice skating event that comes up later this year, and I would love to have Ciel's winter cloak for it, but I have no clue how I would get the money or time for that.
Well I also Crossplay too..... lol I plan to do Kaname eventually but I generally stick to random characters for things like cosplays because my first year of con I got glomped and all I was wearing was a kimono.... It hurt.... so I am really afaid to do Yuki lol not just for that but i'm also afraid someone may break my scythe that someone is working so hard on for me. -_- so another pet peeve I guess is glomping that and the last con I went to I was talking to this Rin (inuyasha) cosplayer and she followed me for TWO hours I figured that once I ended the conversation and walked away we were done...but nooo...I was suddenly her bestest friend...O_O.....i'm not really a people friendly person....In fact the only time of year I hug people is at con...but even then I ask permission and i'm polite about it...o///o
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