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Originally Posted by pokemongood View Post
Thanks for the heads up. The material doesn't seem that thick, so I think I'll be okay. Or that's the hope at least. I'm from Arizona so I hope my heat tolerance is greater. I'll definitely be leaving the overcoat at home though.

Thanks! I love Nyanko sensei~ Who I still need to buy...

As for other gatherings, I'm considering going to the SAO gathering too, which I think is the Friday, but I'm not really sure yet either, so I'm pretty open..
Arizona?! Ok, maybe you'll be fine. ^_^ In any case, we'll be bringing some drinks and light snacks for the photoshoot, so feel free to rehydrate when you get warm.

Still need to buy Sensei? Fortunately, lots of booths at LA cons have been stocking him lately. But some are charging $50, while others are charging $35. So please shop around. I got my $35 Sensei from HobbyFan, who will be at AX2013, according to the AX website's Exhibitor List.

Thanks for the input about your interest in Sword Art Online's gathering. I'll put that into account and try to schedule the Natsume Yuujinchou gathering around SAO.

Anyone else have other gatherings that they don't want to conflict with our Natsume gathering's time/place?
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