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Originally Posted by sunflowercandy View Post
I got a question, sorry if it's already been asked but I have really dark under circles under my eyes and no matter what i do either sleep more, or use other concealers you can still see them. What makeup would you recommend for those dark under circles so it looks like there isn't any there?
What color are your dark circles: purple, blue, green? You want a concealer that is the complimentary color of your circles. If your circles are more purple in color, then use a yellow based concealer. If they are blue, I'd use a red and yellow based corrector mixed to achieve a more orange color. And if they are green, you want a reddish concealer. You can buy concealer corrector wheels from many brands, and there are a lot of tutorials on youtube that show you how to go about applying them under your normal concealer and powder.

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