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Originally Posted by Zweihander View Post
But, alas, I still need to beat the game... with both my characters. (SL43 and SL105) I'll get 'er done before Dark Souls II, anyway. (sort of a given, since that's not due out 'til next year.) But, I deeply appreciate the help.
Once you get past O&S and the 4 Dicks, nothing else is very hard. Er, except for the DLC. I'm back home soon, so let me know if you want to co-op in Oolacile. As for Dark Souls 2 - I CANNNOT WAIT!!

So for the iPad, I got Jetpack Joyride (free! yay!), Osmos, Infinity Blade 2, The Room and Espgaluda 2. I've mostly been playing Osmos - trippy but occasionally really irritating - and Espgaluda 2, which I like but don't really understand. I kind of don't get the scoring. And it just let's me continue when I die. Do people actually make it through all 6 levels with only 3 lives?
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