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Originally Posted by The Hag View Post
Once you get past O&S and the 4 Dicks, nothing else is very hard. Er, except for the DLC. I'm back home soon, so let me know if you want to co-op in Oolacile. As for Dark Souls 2 - I CANNNOT WAIT!!

So for the iPad, I got Jetpack Joyride (free! yay!), Osmos, Infinity Blade 2, The Room and Espgaluda 2. I've mostly been playing Osmos - trippy but occasionally really irritating - and Espgaluda 2, which I like but don't really understand. I kind of don't get the scoring. And it just let's me continue when I die. Do people actually make it through all 6 levels with only 3 lives?
Already did Oolacile with my SL105, but not with my SL43. That'd be fun.

Yes, people actually make it through without continues. It ends up being something like 5 or 6 lives, by the time they reach the final boss, depending on score. As for the scoring system:
>shoot enemies for green gems (closer proximity yields larger/ more gems)
>gems are used to go into "awakened" mode.
>while in awakened mode, gems deplete, but all bullets are slowed down, and when the source enemy is killed, they become gold ingots. (multipliers.)
>your firepower is amplified while awakened, but if your gems deplete, bullets turn red and go turbo fast.

Espgaluda and its sequel are both about using awakened mode for both scoring and survival. As opposed to other Cave games where only certain enemies' bullets turn into multipliers when they die, Espgaluda leaves it up to you to judge which enemies to use awakened mode against. (e.g. which enemies are most worth the cost of green gems to kill for their bullets' multipliers, which patterns give you hell and should be 'softened' with awakened mode, etc.) It's also about resource-managing. (green gems -> awakened mode -> reap some ingots -> leave awakened mode before your greed gets you killed)

There's a bit more depth to other aspects of it, but that's mostly it for the core mechanics. Best of luck, though! I hope you stick with it, and delve deeper into the complexity to make it more satisfying.

SPOILER: (highlight to read)
IMO, "iphone mode" is meh... but fun every now and then, and much better than Dodonpachi Resurrection's gimmicky-as-shit iphone mode.
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