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Originally Posted by Kildread View Post
You liked it? I went through all ME3 DLC yesterday and I thought it was the weakest of them all.

Unless you're into mundane, fanservicey cutscenes. It felt more like pandering to the crying fans who didn't get an happy ending :/. The plot is like a cheap action movie, with in-jokes and references a-plenty. It's like the game was so pleased with itself it kept patting its own back while I watched. I'm unhappy about this particular development and I seriously hope Bioware doesn't make that a recurring theme (Although... judging by the reception, it wouldn't seem to be the case . Not something that's Bioware's fault)

I thought Leviathan was great, the enhanced ending was good, but it didn't do anything other than put plainly on-screen what anyone could have built in their head VS the open-ended original endings.

Omega was... forgettable, albeit the most action-packed of the bunch.
It was fun. Given how grim Mass Effect 3 is overall, some comedy was needed and Citadel delivered. Yes it's self-referring, but that doesn't automatically mean bad. Also it was nice that it focused a lot on the relationships you built in the game, something that was ignored in both the original and extended endings.

Also Wrex and Grunt . Your arguments are invalid.
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