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I recently got my Book of Friends together so now I'll be a happy Natsume with my book and Nyanko-sensei, hehe.

AX will have LOTS of Nyanko-senseis in the dealer's hall to buy. I saw plenty last year and with more NY merchandise coming out, there will probably be lots of plushies to get this year too. It's hard to find the normal Nyanko-sensei plushie (not to mention that one tends to go from anywhere between $35-50 cause it's the most popular one). The ones I mainly saw at AX were Nyanko-sensei with food, or scarves or other little accessories. But at least they are still cute and work. ; u;

Even though I have all my cosplays planned out, right now none of them are part of gatherings so I'm fine with whatever day you guys want as of right now. Of course, I'll let you know if something comes up. But for now I'm pretty cool with whatever day you guys want to pick. ; u;
Though initially I wanted to wear Natsume on either Thursday - because at least I won't melt standing in line for my badge - or Sunday. But if you guys choose either Friday or Saturday, I'm fine with that too.
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