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Originally Posted by TheAnarCHris View Post
It was fun. Given how grim Mass Effect 3 is overall, some comedy was needed and Citadel delivered. Yes it's self-referring, but that doesn't automatically mean bad. Also it was nice that it focused a lot on the relationships you built in the game, something that was ignored in both the original and extended endings.
Similarly, it doesn't mean it's good either. You like it, I don't. Obviously, I'm not in the majority as far as the internet acclaim goes (Something that makes me wary about the future a little, I was already not a fan of the focus on being able to date everyone in these games, yet that's also something people seem to love).

For me, the Bioware/Black Isles/Obsidian games have never been games I turn to for humor --- I'm expecting great storylines, good characterization, epic events. *Something* extraordinary is normally happening. The Citadel DLC was rife with content I expect from lower brand JRPGs that lose themselves in jokes that tend to fall flat on their face. It felt really out of context to me (I had no problem with the grim look of ME3).

The first half (The only ME-gameplay in the DLC) had me doubting about the quality of the overall DLC, getting Wrex on my team for a handful of mission doesn't really excuse how corny the entire arc was. I enjoyed more the small informative scenes you can see in the alcoves of the Archives than any of the other character interactions the game threw at me.

The 2nd half was funnier in content, but worthless otherwise for me --- plenty of the events are odd and awkward (Samara, EDI, Tali visit at the apartment). Others are just corny (Traynor's scenes for one). It played like... a japanese text-driven adventure game. You listen to some text, then you get a little choice to support one or the other to further some storyline, except there is nothing to further in this case.

I enjoyed the Mordin communication and several of the group conversations during the party --- not enough to warrant the DLC price tag.

But really, the major reason why I don't like it is due to the mundane content --- I play games to see stories of extraordinary characters doing things or taking decisions to further some grand schemes. It's what I expect of Bioware now, content about getting drunk in a swanky apartment, having a pull-up contest with James Vega or encouraging Joker to dance with EDI (Why does everyone mock Shephard's dancing if there isn't a single character in this game with proper dancing animations?) --- it isn't very engrossing to me. I'm of the opinion such things should be beneath their writing team's talent as a whole, I suspect I wouldn't be as bothered by it if it was in the original game and not added following the internet doing the bacon dance about the ME3 finale. Right now, I feel this is Bioware's way of compromising with the loud, unhappy complainers.
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