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Name of Commissioner: Cosplay Mandy gallery: Chokichi
Character commissioned and series: Forever Star outfit from The iDOLM@STER
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:
Timeline: First contact on January 21st. First payment sent January 22nd. Second payment sent Feb 15th. Arrived in the mail today, March 11th.
Describe your Experience.

Well....I like the fabric. The skirt and top fit. I like that the skirt is layered, so I know it won't be really flimsy/cold/revealing at the con. I like the bow on the back, it's the right size and sturdy.
1. The arm ruffles DON'T $#&*ING FIT. I must have triple-checked my measurements before sending them to her, and I was especially worried about my arms, because they're kind of chubby and I wanted to make sure the arm ruffles would fit. The velcro on them won't even close around my upper arm. I have to figure out how to fix them now.
2. The outfit is supposed to have gold stars on the top; at the fold of the sash, and two more stars on the straps that hang from the bodice. There is also a star hair accessory, which I inquired about; the price she quoted me for the outfit was $230 including shipping while the hair acc would be an additional $50. Which I thought was silly, so I said don't include the hair acc. I thought the price I was paying would be worth it, until she sent me pictures of the finished product and I didn't see any stars. She said she considers those a prop and they're not included. It would have been really, really nice if she mentioned that. I feel I overpaid for an outfit that just left out a vital component without her even telling me.
3. I asked for progress pics a few times and never got them. I only got pictures once it was completed. Weird.
4. The skirt is the wrong color. It's supposed to be light blue, not white. The reference pictures I gave showed this very clearly.
5. The sash was sewn on so pathetically it came undone as I was taking it out of the package. Or maybe it was never sewn on in the first place? It's hard to say. It's not a huge deal since I'm going to pin a star there anyway, but come on, really? Also the folded part of the sash is quite a bit longer than in any reference pic I gave her.
6. When the costume was ready to be shipped, she said "send the final payment and I'll ship it." I had to remind her that I already sent both halves of payment, and she was all "Oh, I see." What????
(UPDATE) 7. She has also refused to give me any sort of partial refund which I asked for after explaining why I was dissatisfied. She explained away all my complaints, like the bad communication was on me and not her. OH WELL.

Final Grade: D. I'm never going back to her or recommending her to anyone. It was way overpriced for an incomplete, inaccurate costume that I now have to fix just to wear it at all. Never again.

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