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Originally Posted by magnum-desu View Post
I have boots!

I also:
-Took apart a pink wig to use for Clover's streaks and give extra volume for all dat hair. Now just need to wait on the rest of her wig supplies when Arda restocks.
-Began her hoodie and skirt, but have to put those on hold for a while because school is kicking my butt.
-Made all her pompoms. They are hanging on my mirror until they are needed. My mom thinks this is adorable and wants me to make another set to decorate with afterward. --;
So happy to know there will be at least one cosplayer from 999 at AN.

I also strongly encourage photos in this thread. Checking out people's progress is one of my favourite parts of being in the cosplay community. (Just try not to have huge photos embedded in your posts; links or attachments won't stretch the page.)
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