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depending on the weather that day, Day 0, I might wear Reiko or Sakuya from SAO. It might most likely be Sakuya, since my friends and I are doing a group cosplay, but we'll be at the westin so i can always go change and comes back and hang out with people. We are checking in the the 3rd.
I was told to use a light fabric that mimic's paper, I have some left over bridal satin from my .hack Aura cosplay Im gunna mess with to see what I can get.
and thank you for trying to work around the Tales of gathering <3

AX 2014:
Day 0 (2nd) Aura
Day 1 (3rd) Natalia
Day 2 (4th) Aura
Day 3 (5th) Natalia
day 4 (6th) Not Cosplaying.
I'll be at the Tales Gathering on the 5th!
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