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Originally Posted by The Hag View Post
So you get extra lives if you score high enough? I can't figure out how the multipliers work - are only the gold multipliers? Do you get extra points if you have green gems left at the end of the level?
Nope, the green gems are just 'fuel' for your Awakened form.

I'm dying less, but still not sure what strategies maximize your score.
Getting your multiplier up to 10,000 and keeping it there should be a top priority. This involves not dying, since that halves it. In addition to keeping yourself up on the 10,000 multiplier ceiling, thus getting nothing but "10,000" ingots, I believe there's also a direct correlation between your multiplier and the points you get from damaging/killing enemies. (don't quote me on that... just shmup logic, though I'm kind of curious to test this theory sometime soon.)

The #1 strategy to maximize your score in an ESPGaluda game is to build up gems, pick the enemies you want to kill in awakened mode (they should be enemies with high bullet density output), then enter awakened mode and wait for the screen to fill up with said enemy's bullets before killing them. Additionally, while the act of shooting while awakened doesn't drain gems any faster, killing enemies takes out small chunks from your gem stock, depending on the enemy type. (hence the incentive for picking specific targets instead of mowing everything down, unless you're in a pinch) Lastly, don't flip in and out of awakened mode too much, as every time you leave it, there's a small penalty. (to keep you from abusing/ spamming short bursts for EZ survival)

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