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Whelp the plans I had kinda went out the window earlier xD

I'm still hoping to do Zafina from Tekken and Jill from Resident Evil, but GI Joe seems to be pushed back. I don't mind postponing them for my friend since his costume is more pricy than mine (I just have pants, a top, and belt, and short wig and red shoes, him... balaclava, tact vest, sweatshirt, tact gloves, camo pants, holsters and combat boots)

Jill I kinda already have the fabric for :P And Zafina... well there's not much material so she shouldn't be too bad.

But I am hoping to have East Germany for a Hetalia group done. To go with USSR and Prussia (I just got into Hetalia, and I want a 1956 EG lieutenant uniform)

And the other... well Xemnas costumes are hot... very. And my friend melts in his.... badly. And I discovered how hot the Final Form coat can be at Con-G (only time I was comfortable in mine was outside). So may be swapping out Kingdom Hearts for Keepers. Have him be Demon Release Coreciellen and I'll play a victim for him (the character rips out people's hearts by shoving their hand through the person's chest and breaking ribs)
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