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Originally Posted by Roboticgiraffe View Post
I loveeee GoT (As I'm sure we all do here haha). I watched the series first though after someone at a ren faire suggested it but I'm reading the books now!
I'm whipping together a quick Dany cosplay for this weekend I'm really excited but I had a question for you other Khaleesi did you make the heart??? I was trying to think of something that would be dry (obviously) so I wouldn't be dripping blood everywhere or anything haha. What did you guys use?
I made mine out of jello and unflavored gelatin, and posted the recipe/tutorial for it here: With enough unflavored gelatin thrown in, it's completely dry to the touch once it sets, won't smear or leave stickiness, and it works really well for fake blood too. In my experience people get a big kick out of actually seeing you eat the heart, but I will warn you that if you do eat it, you won't be able to eat jello again for a very, very long time. ;P
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