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Hihi, well basically you pick an awesome character that you really like and you dress up as them. Then you go to conventions with other fans and take pictures (cough modeling cough) You could either make your own cosplay or buy one, but if you make your own you can go in contests and win things. Also, if you do go to conventions there is alot of information about that, and you should go explore the site to check out some tips and stuff. Sometimes at conventions, people might expect for you to be acting as that character as well, so if you want that responsibility, you can bring the character to life and make it even more of a fun experience! ;D Its even more fun to go with a friend! Oh yeah by the way, p-please dont watch me at night...t-thats kinda creepy.....and what shows do you voice act on?

(lol I hoped that helped!!)
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