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Favorite Vocaloid ever; Meiko. And Kaito. They...they just belong <33
Favorite Utau: Misora Haru. And Jero. Also so nice together <33
Favorite Pitchloid, I think they call it; Kaiko! You can see her as either the genderbend of Kaito, or his sister. I usually think of Kaiko as his sister.
Completed Cosplays!
Mayuri Shiina (Steins;Gate) {worn at; Anime Expo AX2012}
Jun Suwabara [street clothes] (Doppelganger: Dawn of The Inverted Soul)
Meiko [default] (Vocaloid)

Currently in the works!
Hajime (Hamatora)
Xiaoyu [school uniform] (Tekken 6)
Kirito [Solo, genderbent] (SAO)
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